The sprinter guy

So who is this “Sprinter Guy” anyway?

The “Sprinter Guy” is Dave Graham, Fleet Mgr. of Mercedes-Benz of Georgetown,  the Central Texas M-B Sprinter Dealer. Check out

Dave started selling cars in May 1974 at Glass City Dodge in Toledo Ohio. “I started selling vans, we called them “Hippy Vans” back in '74. Back then, brand new Dodge vans sold for under $3000. We would send them over to Elkhart Indiana and they would put in shag carpeting, mirrors on the ceiling and port hole windows, and we would sell them for $6,995. We got into painting murals on the outsides and put ice chests inside, that was my first go around with custom vans.”

When Mercedes-Benz of Georgetown decided to offer Sprinter Vans here in Texas, Dave was the natural pick to be the in house Sprinter expert. Selling Sprinter vans is much different from selling passenger cars. With 13 different models and over 150 different options it took some time to figure out what was what. “What I found out very early in our Sprinter days, was the people who were interested in this product, knew much more than I did, and were getting frustrated with some of the other Sprinter sales reps all over the USA.” So Dave developed a network of loyal Sprinter folks. Paul Meyer over at Sportsmobile Texas really helped us get started and we continue to serve his clients needs for a Sprinter Van to be converted into a Sportsmobile RV/Leisure vehicle.

We have  developed relationships with up-fitters (this is a term for anyone who does work to convert Sprinter vans to your specific needs) to be able to get your Sprinter Van ready for you to use whether for work or fun. If you have special needs for handicap equipment, refrigeration, electrical, shelving, tool boxes or just fixed up to haul the family, we can accommodate your needs.

Located just north of downtown Austin Texas, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Georgetown is a quaint, historic town of just under 50,000 residents. Mercedes-Benz of Georgetown is located on the northbound access road of IH35, in a state of the art facility that is just a few years old.

When Mr. Garlyn Shelton, our Owner and Michael Lindberg, our General Mgr decided to take the Sprinter Franchise, they decided to do the job right by building a separate Sprinter specific Service Facility and man it with trained Sprinter Tech's to give the Sprinter owners the same high quality service experience that our Mercedes-Benz passenger car owners have been experiencing for over 30 years.

So call Dave, the “Sprinter Guy” at 512-930-6158 or email